W2 Charcoal Face Scrub (50 gm)


W2 Activated Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera Skin Brightening, Helps Remove Dead Skin, Unclogs Pores, Removes Dirt & Pollutants, Helps Treat Acne, Helps Remove Blackheads
Clear Complexion This exfoliating face scrub leaves the skin feeling fresh and with a clear complexion with its activated charcoal & exfoliating agents.

Removes Blackheads Deep cleanses pores and helps prevent blackheads and other blemishes.
Removes Dead Skin Gently massaging the scrub on your face and neck boosts blood flow, helps to remove dead skin, and delivers a healthy glow.

Suitable for all skin types. For both men and women.

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W2 is a brand that cares. We are efficiently working towards perfecting each product for our customers. We believe that precaution and care is better than cure. Want to pamper your face after a party or after a tiring day at work? Try ourW2 Charcoal Scrub. It unclogs pores that are filled with dirt and impurities. It is an excellent exfoliant that unfastens dead skin cells. A gentle massage of the scrub on the skin helps improve blood circulation and cell regeneration. The charcoal scrub brightens the skin tone and relaxes the skin muscles making your face look fresh and nourished. It is super-effective for oily skin and helps to combat acne issues. With the regular use of charcoal scrub, you will see an improved version of your facial skin gradually. Apart from making your skin bright and healthy, the charcoal exfoliating scrub will also make it baby soft and silky smooth.

INGREDIENTS: Carrot seed oil, Walnut, Orange Ext., Jojoba oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bamboo Charcoal , Vitamin E.

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